Graphics Design

With their expertise in Photoshop, Lightroom and other advanced techniques, photo editors at Shiny bring out the best in your photos. Whether it is photo editing, retouching or completely transforming your images, we aim to give the right texture and appeal to your photographs within a quick turnaround time.

Image Editing

We offer everything which is important for a professional photo editing. With our premium digital photo editing services, terrific and delightful changes can be attributed to images by deleting /replacing/enhancing certain elements from the photograph.

Product Images

With editing, retouching, background removal, etc., we not only make your product photos look more professionals but also optimize them for online stores, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Houzz, and Etsy marketplaces.

Real Estate

In this digital age, most consumers begin their search for real estate property on the Internet; hence having an online presence is a must. Clear and appealing real estate photos can be a major selling proposition.


Shiny delivers an all-encompassing image processing services to businesses in a vast array of industries, including Fashion/ Glamour, Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing, Jewellery, Portrait, Wedding, Stock Photo, etc.