Childdren Book Apps Development

Designing iPhone apps for children is enormously difficult. Not only is it a challenge to present age-appropriate content in a visually compelling manner but also the navigation, flow and interaction of these applications should be kept extremely simple and intuitive.

iPhone Apps Development for Kids

Shinyinfotechs specializes in developing iPhone apps for kids. We can create both interactive book apps, plus develop wide-ranging playful entertainment and gaming apps for children - games, puzzles, videos and photos. We pay special attention to the graphical presentation of the app, making use of high quality and universally recognized icons, artwork and illustrations, color and imagery to make the interface clear and easy to understand for children. While developing iPhone gaming application for children, we ensure that game mechanics are kept as simple as possible, and the character development is such that the children can easily connect with it.

Educational Apps for Kids

In the evolving digital space, children’s apps can play an important role in the development and education of children, predominantly in the early years. Shinyinfotechs is well-experienced in iPhone app development for kids and developing iPod apps for children.
  • We have developed early learning apps for toddlers and preschoolers aimed on opening up children’s imagination and creativity.
  • We have also created iPhone children’s applications focused on primary and secondary school learners comprising expert, curriculum-based educational content. The apps are effortlessly interactive and intuitive to use, particularly designed to help the students with their homework, projects, practice sessions and exams in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Our iPhone app developers have developed some of the most addictive educational apps for kids, encouraging them to learn, in addition to amusing and fun games. With the number of applications for children hitting a record high, explore our iPhone and iPod Apps for Kids, perfect for children of all age group.

If you are in a position to jump in with your iPhone educational apps for kids or children apps development plan, we can help you start with your designing and development task.