Website Maintenance Services

Have you ever walked by an old, stately house that must have looked great in its heyday, but has now fallen into a serious state of disrepair? Ever walked by a house with leaking pipes, an overgrown garden and walls that have the paint peeling off them?

Your website is sometimes the first and only impression you make on your customers – and you want to make sure that impression is a GOOD one. And having a slow, unreliable or buggy website is one of the best things you can do to turn your customers off, and ensure they never return to your website.

How does a website fall into a state of disrepair in the first place? Well, many reasons – but lack of regular maintenance is one main reason, and in fact the primary reason why a lot of websites start acting strange after a while. You see, a website is basically nothing but a lot of code, and code needs to be maintained/upgraded as well at regular intervals (much like that house we just spoke about). Yes – regular web site management and maintenance IS that important – website design and maintenance basically go hand in hand – one is no good without the other after a while.

And despite what you might think, regular and proper maintenance is not as expensive as you might think, and neither do you need to “turn your website over” to the web development company for the duration of maintenance. None of that is necessary – and you’ll see why when you opt for Shinyinfotechs’s professional site maintenance services.

Benefits of regular web site maintenance

The benefits of regular web maintenance are manifold – but the #1 reason you should have a professional website maintenance company maintain your site is so it doesn’t suddenly fail under duress. Nothing is worse than getting a LOT of customers to your website, and have the site crash as they all make their purchases simultaneously (and believe us, that has happened before!).

That in itself should be enough reason, but there are other reasons as well. A regular maintenance contract is fairly inexpensive, but overhauling a web site can be somewhat more expensive, not to mention tedious. It also takes very little effort to update all the modules of a site to the most recent ones, so our recommendation is to get it done on a regular basis. It’s simple – simply sign a web maintenance contract with us, and we take care of it all – you can forget all about it and concentrate on your business!

What does web site maintenance services involve?

Broadly speaking, web maintenance involves the following things: